Altamont Community Monitor Committee
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Reference Library - PERMITS
Permit-Related Documents and Reports are listed below in chronological order.
Documents of Interest to Committee Members
Site Map from Joint Technical Document, Figure 3-2
Final 2008 Annual Report
Draft 2009 Annual Report
Final 2010 Annual Report

Documents Provided by Committee Members
From D. Tam, 12 Jan 2010: Daily Landfill Capacity Table
From D. Tam, 12 Jan 2010: Sept 2010 report "Beyond Waste" by Edgar & Associates, Inc.
From D. Tam, 9 July 2014: Vacaville Reporter article re San Francisco refuse to Hay Road Landfill
From D. Tam, 9 July 2014: Stockton Record article re local landfill costs
From D. Tam, 9 July 2014: 2-pg flyer from Waste Management describing ALRRF
From D. Tam, 8 Oct 2014: Email discussing Committee members' stipend, and background information from CalRecycle web site
From D. Tam, 8 April 2015: Letter joining in appeal of the import of San Francisco refuse to the Hay Road landfill, Solano County
From D. Tam, 12 Oct 2016: Letter from Alameda County Parks, Recreation and Historical Commission to California Natural Resources Agency Secretary John Laird, advocating protection of Tesla Park land currently in environmental review for Off-Highway Vehicle use.
NCRA Altamont Compost Facility Support Letter

Five-Year Permit Review, 2010
Feb 9 2010 Notification From LEA
Apr 15 2010 LEA Letter: Application Incomplete
Jun 2 2010 ESA Memo: Update on Submittal of Revised Joint Technical Document
Jun 18 2010 LEA Letter: Application Complete
Jun 21 2010 ESA Memo: Update on Submittal of Application
Aug 20 2010 LEA Letter: Hearing not needed, edits requested

Recent Permits / Revisions
August 16 2005 Solid Waste Facility Permit
Land Use Permit PLN2010-00041, Altamont Recycling and Composting Facility

Documents related to April 21/22 2016 Regional Water Board Meeting
regarding Five-Year Permit Review and revised Waste Discharge Requirements